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می 21, 2022

نمونه رایتینگ برای پذیرش

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نمونه رایتینگ و اهمیتش برای پذیرش

نمونه رایتینگ برای پذیرش یکی از مدارک ضروری برای اخذ پذیرش از دانشگاه های بین المللی است. دانشگاه های هلند، آمریکا به عنوان مثال نیاز به نمونه رایتینگ دارند تا مهارت شما را در نگارش آکادمیک ارزیابی کنند. در نمونه رایتینگ شما باید به کمیته پذیرش نشان دهید که با نگارش درست یک گزارش آکادمیک آشنا هستید.

شما می توانید یک چکیده مبسوط از پایان نامه، یکی از مقالات، یکی از پروژه های درسی و یا حتی یک پروپوزالی که مایلید بر روی ان کار کنید، تهیه و به عنوان نمونه رایتینگ برای کمیته پذیرش ارسال کنید.

ساختار یک نمونه رایتینگ از چهار بخش تشکیل شده است و در یک الی دو صفحه (حدود800 تا 1500 کلمه) بهتره خلاصه شود. البته بایستی دقت شود که الویت شما در تهیه این متن باید فرمت دانشگاه مقصد باشد و دقیقا در همان فرمتی که دانشگاه توضیح داده آماده شود. این توضیحات بیشتر جنبه کلی دارد و برای مواردی صادق است که دانشگاه توضیح خاصی نداده باشد.

بخش نخست بهتر است به موضوع یا سوال پژوهش بپردازد و در ادامه اهمیتش برای مطالعه یا پژوهش بحث شود. بخش دوم بایستی توضیحی د رمورد مواد و روش هایی باشد که نیاز است در اثبات فرضیه پژوهش استفاده شود. بخش سوم به نتایج و دستاورد های پژوهش باید بپردازد البته اگر تا کنون انجام شده است. البته اگر نمونه رایتینگ شما یک پروپوزال باشد بهتر است که به دستاوردهای حاصل از پژوهش پرداخته شود. بخش چهارم باید یک بحث و جمع بندی از کار باشد.

نمونه رایتینگ برای رشته مدیریت پروژه

برای مثال به نمونه رایتینگ برای رشته مدیریت پروژه در زیر دقت فرمائید:

Civil structures and land use planning have to be done by careful consideration of different risks and effective responses. The risks can be minimized by ensuring that the structures meet all the standards. Our health and safety intertwined with the safety of our civil structures. The interdisciplinary character of this discipline needs a good command of leadership and organization societal challenges to effectively manage our projects towards success. The present project aimed at assessing the quality management system with the aim of promoting the ISO14001 and ISO9001 certifications to the new versions of year 2015 and integration of the revised standards in line with the strategic missions of the organization.

پایان بخش اول

This project was done by a team of four key members (with specializations in QHSE, project management, HSE, and quality assurance). As the project manager of the team, I breakdown the work structure into five phases and lead them to successful accomplishment. In accomplishing this work, we used different business tools and software such as Bizagi Process Modeler for analysing business processes of the organization, the Pertmaster for management of this complex project as well as risk management, and BSC Designer Pro for performance assessment and management in strategic planning according to Balanced Scorecard.

پایان بخش دوم

The first phase of the project was associated with considering the organization chart of the company to determine the business and strategic business units. After examination, we understood that most of the units were strategic business units in essence. Accordingly the focus of our plans for the process design was on strategic business issues.  In the second phase, we tried to design organization processes such that the company missions align with the visions. In the third phase, we first tried to know the current processes of the organization at all levels, and then talk to the owners of the processes, and finally made new system planning. The organizational diagnosis was done in the first step and we talked to the process owners to carefully know, diagnosis the organization, and re-engineer the processes. Thereafter, the system planning was done for the revised processes. The following tasks were then put on the agenda:

The preparation and approval of process map and teaching the concepts of quality system to the staff, prioritization of the processes for system planning, and documentation of the processes of the quality management system, human resource processes, after-sales service management processes, supply and distribution processes, property management processes, customer relationship processes, marketing and content management processes, sales management, information technology processes, products and services management, strategy management, and financial resource management. Finally we performed the internal auditing, identified noncompliance, and defined corrective actions. Thereafter we set the quality management review sessions to address all the unresolved issues at the company.

پایان بخش سوم

The outcomes of this complex project were enhanced productivity and competitive advantage of the company, clear definition of responsibilities in the entire organization, reduced cost and time of organizational processes, improvement in communication with clients and customers, developing an assessment method, preparation of risk management dashboard, better performance in waste recovery and protection of the environment from water and energy perspectives, lower environmental footprint of company activities through executive method of controlling the environmental operations in the organization, and improved customer satisfaction rate and loyalty.

پایان بخش چهارم

نمونه رایتینگ برای پذیرش

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