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بورسیه دکتری مهندسی و علوم فیزیکی دانشگاه سوانسی انگلستان

بورسیه دکتری مهندسی و علوم فیزیکی


31 January 2021: Application closed


تحصیل در: بریتانیا

زمان شروع تحصیل: اکتبر 2021

شرح بورسیه تحصیلی:

این بورسیه تحقیقاتی در زمینه ریاضیات در مقطع دکتری توسط انجمن تحقیقاتی مهندسی و علوم فیزیکی دانشگاه سوانسی به صورت فول فاند ارائه می شود.

نام دانشگاه:

دانشگاه سوانسی Swansea University

رشته های تحصیلی:

  • Algebra, Geometry and Topology
  • Biomathematics
  • Computational Mathematics
  • Partial Differential Equations
  • Stochastic Analysis and (Noncommutative) Probability

اطلاعات بیشتر در لینک زیر:


تعداد بورسیه تحصیلی:


گروه هدف:

تمامی دانشجویان بین المللی و داخلی

ارزش بورسیه تحصیلی / مشمولات / مدت زمان:

این بورسیه تحقیقاتی شامل پوشش کامل شهریه و دستمزد سالانه می باشد مقدار این دستمزد در حال حاضر برای سال 2020/21، 15285 پوند می باشد که هر ساله به روز رسانی می شود.

علاوه بر موارد بالا مبلغ 1000 پوند به عنوان کمک هزینه آموزشی محققان (Researcher Training Support Grant) اعطا می شود.


فرایند اپلای:

به منظور اپلای باید مدارک مورد نیاز را به ایمیل science-scholarships@swansea.ac.uk  ارسال کنید.

از جمله مدارک مورد نیاز می توان به CV، دو معرف دانشگاهی، ریز نمرات و مدارک دانشگاهی و فرم های مربوطه.

در قسمت Subject  ایمیل خود عبارت ‘EPSRC 31 B – MATH – SCHOLARSHIP 2021-2022’  را درج کنید.


برای اطلاعات بیشتر می توانید با پروفسور یوجین لیتوینوف (e.lytvynov@swansea.ac.uk) در تماس باشید.






Closing date: 31 January 2021

Key Information

This scholarship is funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).

Start date: October 2021

The Department of Mathematics of Swansea University invites applications for PhD study in Mathematics.

We carry out internationally leading research in the following fields:

  • Algebra, Geometry and Topology
  • Biomathematics
  • Computational Mathematics
  • Partial Differential Equations
  • Stochastic Analysis and (Noncommutative) Probability

Detailed information about our research directions can be found at the Research and Impact page of the Department of Mathematics. Applicants should demonstrate interest in one or more of the above research fields.

The Departments of Mathematics is part of the Computational Foundry, a world-class centre for computational research. The modern building of the Computational Foundry provides an ideal environment for doing a PhD.


Candidates must have a First, Upper Second Class Honours or a Master’s degree with Merit, in a relevant discipline.

For candidates whose first language is not English, we require IELTS 6.5 (with 6.0 in each component) or equivalent. Please visit our website for a list of acceptable English language tests. We prefer candidates to have already met the English Language requirements at the point of application, although this is not a requirement.

In addition to UK students, international and EU students are eligible to apply for these studentships but should note that they may have to pay the difference between the home UKRI fee and the institutional international student fee.


This three-year fully funded scholarship covers UK tuition fees and an annual stipend set at the minimum UKRI level (currently £15,285 per annum for 2020/21 for full-time students, updated each year).

RTSG support of £1,000 per annum is also provided.

How to Apply

To apply, please complete and submit the following documents to science-scholarships@swansea.ac.uk:

  • College of Science PGR Scholarship Application
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Monitoring Form_Ffurflen Monitro
  • Academic References– all scholarship applications require two supporting references to be submitted. Please ensure that your chosen referees are aware of the funding deadline, as their references form a vital part of the evaluation process. Please either include these with your scholarship application or ask your referees to send them directly to science-scholarships@swansea.ac.uk
  • Academic Transcripts and Degree Certificates– academic transcripts and degree certificates must be submitted along with the scholarship application by the funding deadline. We will be using these to verify your academic qualifications.
  • A recent CV

Candidates should use the ‘Supplementary Personal Statement’ section of the application form to explain why the award they are applying for particularly matches their skills and experience and how they would choose to develop the project.

Please email the documents with ‘EPSRC 31 B – MATH – SCHOLARSHIP 2021-2022’ in the email subject header.

Informal enquiries before the deadline for formal applications are welcome, please email Professor Eugene Lytvynov (e.lytvynov@swansea.ac.uk).

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